Society Registration No. MAH/840/2009


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  • National Network of Buddhist Youth is the organization governed by youth.
  • It is Autonomous, independent and Creative.
  • It is beyond all caste identities.
  • Teachings of Lord Buddha are its Values.
  • It is motivated by the Vision of Ideal society of Dr. B. R. Ambedkar

25-30 Dec 2014 -8th National Youth Convention-2014. Venue:Huen Tsang Retreat Centre, Bordharan, Seloo, Dist. Wardha, Maharashtra || 6th Dec 2014 Mega Fund Raising Campaign for YDC, Chaityabhoomi-Dadar, Mumbai || Youth Development Centre, Nashik

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What we offer?

  • Ethical perspective for life.
  • Networking of learning resources.
  • Peer support.
  • Friendship.
  • Development of personality.
  • Social responsibility.
  • Care for deprived.
  • Fun & Play.

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Our Goals

Our goal is to help youth to gain the confidence that they are the best resources to cultivate their lives. A confidence that it is fully in their hands to achieve what they want to achieve.
Our aim is to create conditions and structures that would give them direct experience and confidence of such kind.

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How we work?

The responsibility of action and initiative lies in the hand of our members. They can function as independent unit of the organization supported by such other independent units in the network. We also have resource members to as coordinators or secretaries to take on practical responsibilities.

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Join Us!

You are welcome to attend any program organized by our task groups. If you wish to involve further, you can join the task group by registering yourself as ‘a member of a task group’. Registered members are eligible for representation of task groups and to take further responsibilities in the network


Upcoming Events

Mega Fund Raising Campaign for YDC
Date: 6th Dec 2014
Venue: Chaityabhoomi, Dadar, Mumbai
Vasitkumar: 9987678622
Uttam: 9823831113

8th National Youth Convention-2014
Date: 25th - 30th Dec 2014
Venue: Huen Tsang Retreat Centre, Bordharan, Seloo, Dist. Wardha, Maharashtra
Fees: Rs 600/-
Age Group: 15 - 35 years
Ph: 0712-2655850
Mob: 7843008870 / 9561234503
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Our activities depend on the donations we receive. If you like what we do and would like to be a part of this mission, we welcome you with open heart.

  • You may want to share the knowledge and experience you have.
  • You may want to donate money to run our various activities.
  • You may like serving on our events.
  • You may like to sponsor retreatants fees.


Our Projects

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NNBY have many projects running all over India. All these projects are run by the young members of NNBY. Join us and support us for our projects.

  • Bihar Girls Education Project.
  • Youth Development Centre (YDC) -Dhondbar Village, Nashik
  • Library Project- Dhondbar Village, Nashik
  • Universal Network of Buddhist Children (UNBC)