Let us grow together in friendship

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For young minds

National Network of Buddhist Youth (NNBY) is an initiative of Indian Buddhist youth to support each other and underprivileged youth in India to develop their lives and serve society

It is run by youth.
It is Autonomous, Independent and Creative.
It is beyond all Caste Identities.

Teachings of Lord Buddha are its Values.
It is motivated by Dr. B. R. Ambedkar's Vision of Ideal Society.

It’s a youth organization, started by youth and belonging to youth. It is a network of young people who connect with each other in meaningful and creative ways. Through networking ones own available resources, it’s members support each other and the society around. It is based on the principle of mutual giving. Most of the people involved in this network are coming from the deprived communities who are in great need of intellectual and material resources. 

It is a ‘Network’ because it is a net of youth connected to each other through their groups. They take initiative and organize their own activities. They are autonomous and independent. 
It is a network of ‘Buddhist’ youth because the youth involved find “Buddhist” as an identity that unites them beyond all caste identities. We call Buddhist to all those who left the caste identity behind and engaged themselves in transforming oneself and the world following the Buddha’s path as taught by Dr. B. R. Ambedkar.