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All NNBY members and activists from all over India are requested to add the details of upcoming events / activities which are going to be held in their respective areas. Just fill in the details in the below form and we will add it in the NNBY CALENDAR. These information’s will help us all to know about the various NNBY activities conducted all over India. It will be also useful for new individuals who are interested in our vision to join us by participating in any of the ongoing activities.
In case of any difficulty filling the form, you can mail us the details as below at

Activity Form

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(In case of more than one leader please mention in EVENT DETAILS below)

Open to all Invitee Only


  • Please add NNBY related activities only.
  • Select the appropriate type of Event. In case its not mentioned, select "OPEN TRAINING" and give details below in "EVENT DETAILS" box.
  • In the "START DATE-TIME" please specify date along with the reporting time.
  • In case the activity is more than one day mention the End Day & Time
  • Please mention the exact location of the Venue with City/Village, District, State along with Land marks if any.
  • Extra information about the event can be added in "EVENT DETAILS".
  • The information send through this form will be moderated before adding in the "NNBY CALENDAR"
  • In case of cancellation or any modification in the Activity please call us or mail with the details at
  • NNBY reserves the right to cancel/modify the sent informations.

For any queries regarding this form please contact:
Uttam -9823831113
Sanjeev -8055854191
Aatish -7058633221