NNBY is run by“TRIRATNA INSTITUTE” (Charity Reg.No. F-15644–Pune)

Name: Bheema 
Age: 23 (as on 2016)

Resident: Village-Tibda, Modinagar Ghaziabad Uttar Pradesh

Qualification: pursuing M.COM

University: Chaudhary Charan Singh University Meerut. 

BheemaBheema a 21 years old girl belongs to one of the backward and poor schedule caste family of a village in North India Uttar Pradesh where education is not that easy. Hardly girls find any freedom to move out anywhere for any sort of other activities related to fun, entertainment and even extra learning. They are just limited to their own Girls College or school. No usage of advance technologies like android phones or the internet are allowed or considered as insane for girls.

Babasaheb and especially the Buddha are thousand miles away from the course.

Very few families are little aware about the ideals. But TBMSG has played a very important role in that village and Bheema is one of the young product Of TBMSG. Her grandfather was though not an highly educated man but was greatly inspired by Buddha And Babasaheb which has been the very motivational factor for Bheema and her family.

But Bheema still didn’t had an open platform to come up with her inspiration, motivation and skills. Then she found NNBY which encouraged her to build the confidence in her, make her realize about her potentials and capabilities by giving leadership trainings, workshops, retreats and the yearly conventions.

Bheema has kept her continue presence in consecutive NNBY convention and done her first NNBY convention in 2014, after that she took 3 leadership training under NNBY trainers in Uttar Pradesh and once visited Nagpur too, few retreat under young TBMSG order members and some occasional workshops.

She feels her very independent, confident, inspired, enthusiastic and motivated and now initiated to support other youngsters and kids to grow in the same way she has grown up under the influence of NNBY. After her first NNBY convention in 2014, she went back to her place with great enthusiasm not only in her academic study but also started to run the weekly classes for the kids and engage and motivate them by designing and organizing quiz and relevant activities.  She has formed her own task groups for the all-round growth and upliftment of the kids. Dhammacharini Shraddhavajri has been a great source of inspiration, backbone and the nurturer in all this for Bheema. This is how she has learnt and learning to pay back to society along with her own self development. 

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