NNBY is run by“TRIRATNA INSTITUTE” (Charity Reg.No. F-15644–Pune)

Name: Sushant Tathe
Age: 18 years (as on 2016)
Resident : Vaitarna Village, Nashik District
Qualification: HSC (Commerce)- pursuing

Sushant is a relative of the Jagtap family who have donated their land for Youth Development Centre (YDC). He belongs to an economically backward class Buddhist family who income solely depends upon agriculture. He studies as well as works in his own agricultural land and on others land as a daily wage laborer to meet his ends. Young boy with low self-confident, Sushant was never involved in any social activities. He has never seen the outside world other than Nashik. His friend circle was only limited to his village and college.

His got in touch with NNBY- during the 8th NNBY National Convention which was held on 25-30th Dec 2014 at Huen Tsang Retreat Centre- Bhordharan where more than 600 youth attended from all over India. Sushant’s personality was drastically changed after this retreat. Basically shy by nature, Sushant is now solely handling all the NNBY activities in Vaitarna village. He is also now motivating SC/ST and other related students of his college for joining NNBY by sharing his experience.  He was selected for further trainers training conducted by NNBY in Nagpur. He attended one training which was conducted by Dh Anomdassi and Dh Anomshur which further boosted his interest in Dhamma.

Along with his friends, Sushant is supporting a Hostel for 22 school going children. Through NNBY he has raised funds for their School uniforms and stationaries. He is also conducting workshops with help of senior NNBY members for those children.

Also in his college he has started supporting backward class students who are harassed by upper caste teachers. He is also now involved in other social activities in his village for spreading the dhamma and other NNBY activities. He has now friends all over Maharashtra and other states.

He is greatly influenced by NNBY due to which he has gained confidence and able to work independently. He further wishes his growth with NNBY so that he can support the upcoming YDC project.

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