"Giving is the fundamental Buddhist virtue. Before taking up any other practice, one should learn to be generous."

Help Bihar Flood Victim

Bihar Emergency Dear friends,
Hope you all are aware of recent flood at BIHAR which badly affected more than 65 lakhs people, on their food, shelter, economy and their daily needs. NNBY Bihar-team has taken initiative to help the people who are suffering from flood. This is very crucial period and we have to act immediately. Without your support it is impossible. So kindly donate to ensure the relief work go on smoothly.


Support Running the organization

Most of the work of the organization is done by volunteers. To keep up the routine work of the organization we need to financially support accountants, coordinators and project in-charge. We need to cover travelling and our office expenses.

So far we have minimum number of full time employees. To respond the ever growing needs of youth from various parts of India we need to increase the number of full time coordinators. We also need to employ fund raisers. This is very crucial part of the organization, we cannot keep running and growing without your support. So kindly donate on monthly basis to ensure we keep going.

Support NNBY Activities

We divide our activities for effectiveness of execution. There are open trainings, trainers training, leadership training and cadre training. As given in our activities report these trainings are designed for individuals to intensify their process of growth and their commitment to the society. If you are inspired to finance one of such trainings we very much welcome you.

Support NNBY Projects

In NNBY our goal is to help youth to gain the confidence that they are the best resources to cultivate their lives. A confidence that it is fully in their hands to achieve what they want to achieve. Our aim is to create conditions and structures that would give them direct experience and confidence of such kind.

We in our own level try to fulfil our goals. In doing that we have started different projects some short term and some of them long term projects. Most of our projects are outcome of necessities of our young generations. These projects are designed by the youth, run by the youth, supported by all our Local and International friends.

Please do support our ongoing and upcoming projects generously by giving your time, talent and treasure.

Support 11th NNBY National Convention

NATIONAL NETWORK OF BUDDHIST YOUTH organizes every year a NATIONAL CONVENTION in the month of December, where about 500 youth from almost 18-20 different states of INDIA participate. These youth are in the age group of 15-35 years The convention is a big success to learn and share the multi talent from multi cultured states of India under one umbrella of NNBY and common driving ideologies of Dr. Ambedkar and The revolutionary BUDDHA.

This year 2017, NNBY is celebrating its 11th National Convention first time in Siyana, Uttar Pradesh, since its first convention which was held on 25th Dec 2007. In this 11th National Convention, we are expecting about 500 numbers of NNBY activist and leader from different parts of India. So, to make this 11th National Convention a huge success, we need your great support. Please support us by your time, talent and treasure. Whatever way you wish to contribute will always be of great value for us.

Support YDC project

We needed to develop a high quality trainers and training modules for various needs of Youth. These trainers would then reach out to all states of India addressing local needs of youth. For this purpose, we are constructing an infrastructure to provide a Training Centre for our youth to enhance their skills at Dhondbar Village, Taluka Sinnar. Dhondbar is about 41 kms from Nashik city. The center incorporates Shrine, Conference hall, Library, Canteen, Dormitories, Trainers Room along with other basic facilities.

We hope you will stand with us fully on your part and participate whole heartedly in upcoming campaign as well- till we reach its meaningful destination. We are taking a big responsibility on our shoulders and understand the risk involve to keep up pace with one's personal livelihood; although with your support definitely we will realize this dream without it we cannot imagine its success. Whatever way you wish to contribute will always be of great value for us. View YDC website fro more details.

Support NNBY Quarterly Magazine

NNBY being a youth organization (started by youth and belonging to Youth). Most of the people involved in this network are from deprived communities who are in great need of intellectual and material resources. NNBY Team is taking initiative and organizing activities in urban as well as rural areas, a step towards "To form a society where every individual enjoys liberty, treats his fellow citizens as equals and with loving kindness" based on the principles of Gautama Buddha & Dr. B. R. Ambedkar.

We believe that the above transformation can be brought by educating the youth through events, social gatherings, trainings, writing journals and newsletters. To carry on this mission, we have decided to take an initiative in the direction to achieve our vision to publish a magazine which would be its first magazine in its completing decade (10 years)

Our funds requirement is Rs.75000/-(Seventy Five Thousand INR) for this project. We look forward for the generous hands. Your little can fill a big box. Please open your hearts and raise your hands for free hand donations. Please support us and contribute before 15th Aug 2017 so that more youth can be inspired and benefited from our magazine.