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Projects Initiated by NNBY

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In NNBY our goal is to help youth to gain the confidence that they are the best resources to cultivate their lives. A confidence that it is fully in their hands to achieve what they want to achieve. Our aim is to create conditions and structures that would give them direct experience and confidence of such kind.

We in our own level try to fulfil our goals. In doing that we have started different projects some short term and some of them long term projects. Most of our projects are outcome of necessities of our young generations. These projects are designed by the youth, run by the youth, supported by all our Local and International friends. We have successfully run many such projects all over India.
The following are some of our long term projects:

NNBY Yearly Magazine

NNBY Magazine Project

NNBY being a youth organization (started by youth and belonging to Youth). Most of the people involved in this network are from deprived communities who are in great need of intellectual and material resources. NNBY Team is taking initiative and organizing activities in urban as well as rural areas, a step towards "To form a society where every individual enjoys liberty, treats his fellow citizens as equals and with loving kindness" based on the principles of Gautama Buddha & Dr. B. R. Ambedkar.

We believe that the above transformation can be brought by educating the youth through events, social gatherings, trainings, writing journals and newsletters. To carry on this mission, we from all India Task groups, the Wardha task group, Nagpur, Maharashtra as the beneficiary of National Network Of Buddhist Youth has decided to take an initiative in the direction to achieve our vision to publish a magazine which would be its first magazine in its completing decade (10 years) by December 2016.
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Bihar Girls Education Project

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It is very difficult for a village girl in Bihar to pass a matriculation (Secondary School). In case of 5 girls that we know have appeared for a Higher Secondary School Examination this year (University Education starts after this). This achievement is very high for someone from a very poor and lower caste background in a distant village in Gaya district of Bihar. We have their Brothers in contact with our Youth Project. They requested us throughout a year that their sisters who are at this stage needs support for further education, and to be rescued from getting wedded forcefully by the family after their schooling.

In Bihar Child marriages are still practiced. Having this outside atmosphere and their daughters are now 18 years old, parents feel tremendous pressure of getting them married. This is partly because of the social pressure and partly because it is not safe to have a girl of this age in the atmosphere where a lot of criminal gangs and forces are active in the region. Caste also plays a big part in this case; lower caste young girls are most vulnerable in social structure. If any such thing happens, it brings a bad name to the family and almost impossible life for a girl.

UdumbaraTherefore, we decided to help our friends in this case by bringing over their sisters to Maharashtra and take responsibility for their education. For this purpose we created a small project whereby we will take the full responsibility of their education for 5 years. We will provide them all the support that develops them into self-reliant individuals. We have started this project from the year 2011. Bihar Girls’ Graduation Project is now in assistance with ‘Udumbara’ Singapore

Brief Details About the project:

  • Provide them a house to live.
  • Get them into reasonably good colleges and pay for all the cost of Education
  • Provide additional support to develop their abilities and over all personalities.
  • As and when they are ready, support them to find a job that would enable them to earn and carry on education.
  • Bring them in contact with other girls who are from a well to do backgrounds and provide them a fulltime mentor who would looked after all they need in all the time that they are looked after by us.
  • We would like to see that they are well educated and having their own source of income and take the atmosphere of education and higher human values in the families that will be getting married into.

Youth Development Centre - YDC

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Since 2006 NNBY is offering training for youth on many aspects of learning. Our trainings are from 2hrs to 7 days residential period. So far we provided these workshops in 9 states. We would like to reach out to all states of India addressing local needs of youth. We don’t have a dedicated training centre were we can conducts experiments and develop trainers.

We needed to develop a high quality trainers and training modules for various needs of Youth. In essence we need a dedicated training centre to continuously train people, trainers and generate various training modules.

For this purpose, we are constructing an infrastructure to provide a Training Centre for our youth to enhance their skills at Dhondbar Village, Taluka Sinnar. Dhondbar is about 41 kms from Nashik city. The center incorporates Shrine, Conference hall, Library, Canteen, Dormitories, Trainers Room along with other basic facilities. For more details please visit our YDC Website.

Our YDC Vision: To grow together with mutual love and friendship.

Our YDC Mission: Reach out to youth who feels left behind, who did not get opportunities from their parents, at school, in their surroundings to develop their human abilities, sense of responsibilities, analytical or critical thinking, ability to deal with conflicts etc. Building network of such youth throughout India who would help each other by mobilizing their own resources.

Our YDC Action plan:

  • To reach out to 5000 youths every year and offer consistent annual program.
  • To train 100 youths who can lead basic to higher skill training modules.
  • Awareness program for general public. Mobilizing the beneficiary youth to offer awareness program for their own local communities.
  • To build a permanent residential facilities for 60 people. Non-residential facility for 200 people.
  • Focusing on 500 SC & ST youths from Sinnar Taluka.

Appeal for supporting Youth Development Centre:

Therefore to realize the Centre, basic plan will be declared in the month of October including Estimation, Architectural drawings and detail plan. At the moment the rough estimation goes to 1 crore for building infrastructure and another 1 crore for its upkeep and maintenance. Hence the total target is 2 crores to realize our dream.

Still, before launching full throttle fundraising campaign we need a corpus amount of Rs.10 Lakhs to kick off the further campaign. We appeal to every one of us to donate generously and to raise Rs. 10,000/- each from 100 youth (at present) who are seriously connected with organization, are close friends, well-wishers and affirmative about the ideas which we are pursuing. Download Our Appeal Letter

Universal Network of Buddhist Children - UNBC

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Universal Network of Buddhist Children (UNBC) is proposed children’s wing budding with NNBY. The need for such a wing has aroused with the realisation that children can be moulded at early age. We aim to imbibe the base of moral Ambedkarite and Buddhist values in them in their early age.

In the NNBY National Convention of 2013 around 30 children below 15 years old participated. They stressed the need of kind of activities specific to their age. They themselves came up with the suggestion of starting a UNIVERSAL NETWORK OF BUDDHIST CHILDREN. Elders responded to their initiative and decided to support its growth in future. Especially Dhammachari Subhuti’s guidance at this point was very important. Visit our UNBC website for more details.