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Report on: 11th National Youth Convention 2017

Purpose: Youth convention makes them to improve them as come in leadership for NNBY
Lead by: Dh. Maitriveer Nagarjuna
Organised by: NNBY Team

Start date: 1 Oct 2017 : End date: 5 Oct 2017
Event Venue: Nawab Farm House, Buland Shaher Road, Siyana Uttar Pradesh
Participants Type: Open for All
Total Participants:
Male: 182 || Female: 143
Total: 325


Subject :- Youth Education And Empowerment

At 7 pm evening all participants were gathered at main hall. With huge clause of hands welcoming of Dh. Maitriveer Nagarjuna, Dh. Karunamaya. Lighting the candle in front of the statue of Babasaheb and Buddha with flower and incense Maitriveer inaugurate the convention. Vaibhav veer share the short journey of NNBY how it established and move on and complete the 10 year. One the founder member of NNBY gives the introduction working and explain the different role in NNBY that is beginner, activists, leader and cader. Also tell the participants that how NNBY works on the development with mutual friendship and love. It is open platform for all.
After that Shradhavarjari discuss about how this convention moves on the schedule that they make which display how different teams who fulfill their role of facilitation to participants for success of convention. She gives a short introduction of Maitriveer and Karunamaya. Dh. Karunamaya said that she will 1st time attaining the NNBY convention and she is very curious about it. She is very to see all the participants are looking very energetic and enthusiastic.
After that Maitriveer Nagarjuna starts with how we goes in upcoming days he clearly said that the current situation is very difficult for social development. But there is solution on that we have develop our self as individual with the help Buddha dhaama. There violence and discrimination in our society. He is also focusing on cast and casteism in Indian with the state of mind of people. Mentioning that, no one will come and do changes as like Baba Shaheb done. When we can change the world, we can change our mind. Our mind will be change only when we have vision that is called as Drushti. At the end of last time of life of Baba Saheb  With this he ends up his short description. Any kind of suffering we feel wither it is social, political, culturally, religiously or educationally and we need some power to live in our society. So for just few days we here come to find what we do how we understand  the things going on at list we forget old thing and start to try the new way to understand our thinking.

Day One-Part 1  Talk Video:


Day One-Part 2  Talk Video:





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Event Outcome:
They get highly energetic, enthusiastic, motivated and knowledgeable. Especially according to the liberty of girls in the part rural region. These entire regions have some participants and they were committed to run a task group in their own region. They want to become part of NNBY. Such kind of youth convention makes them to improve them as come in leadership from the grassroots level. They all said that they follow it and implement it in their living area and connected more people.
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