NNBY is run by“TRIRATNA INSTITUTE” (Charity Reg.No. F-15644–Pune)

Report on: Activist Training Program 2017-18

Purpose: They get more social aware and decided to pay back society through the platform of NNBY.
Lead by: Dh. Subhuti ( England )
Organised by: NNBY Team

Start date: 25 Dec 2017 : End date: 30 Dec 2017
Event Venue: Hun sang retreat center, Bordharan, Wardha
Participants Type: Activists
Total Participants:
Male: 37 || Female: 22
Total: 59

Activists Training

Subject :- Four Vows Bodhisattva

All regional activists participate in this activists convention.  They have got inner inspiration from this training and motivate new youth to be part of NNBY. They get more social aware and  decided to pay back society through the platform of NNBY.  They take the four vows of bodhisattva and decided to move on it which is mention in Buddha and his Dhamma written by Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar and inspire other to move on that vows that take. At the same time different social aspects also discuss with the help of activities taken by different trainers. From that activities they get help to understand and aware how to face different aspects of society.



Event Outcome:
Mission document of NNBY has been distributed to all coordinators and trainers. Self assessment and regional assessment done with all difficulties and solution has been found out. Role of activist, trainer and coordinator has been described very well and deeply according to documents
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