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Report on: Communication skill

Purpose: How to Develop Your Communication Skill
Lead by: Nehal Tirpude
Organised by: NNBY Tirora Team

Start date: 20 Apr 2019 : End date: 20 Apr 2019
Event Venue: NNBY Office Tirora, Tirora, Dis.-Gondiya.
Participants Type: Open for All
Total Participants:
Male: 07 || Female: 13
Total: 20

Communication :-  Types of Communication

1.      Formal communication

2.      Informal communication

3.      Verbal communication

4.      Non – verbal communication

Formal communication :- In any organisation or college or company, when a person works, his style of working depends on his good communication, how you talk to others, how you handle them,

Informal communication :- When we talk to anyone in general, such as walking or eating or at the same time, we should have a friendly dialogue about how we should communicate

Verbal communication :- sharing of information between individuals by using speech

–  Telephone, seminars, workshop,

Written communication :-

–   Report writing

–   Job application

–   Office drafting

Oral communication :- exam, interview, practical

Non verbal communication :- using express  body language, feeling, expression, eye contact, facile expression

Communication cycle :- sender——— receiver ——– feedback

Communication barrier :-        1. physical barrier  2. mechanical barrier  3. Physiological barrier

How to overcome of barrier :- Language barrier

–   Function of communication:- receiving& conveying information massage/opinion

–   Motivating a person

–   Entertaining

–   Education

Event Outcome:
Assumed we are deaf & Dum and communicate each other. Beliefs & challenge. they felt newness in the workshop, and they were saying that they would like to do more such workshops
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