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Report on: Importance of Girls of Education

Purpose: Aware to girls for Education
Lead by: Miss Chanchala Kumari
Organised by: NNBY Bihar Team

Start date: 22 Jan 2018 : End date: 22 Jan 2018
Event Venue: Guraru, Gaya, Bihar
Participants Type: Only For Girls
Total Participants:
Male: 0 || Female: 16
Total: 16

One Day Workshop

 Subject : – Importance of Girls of Education

Chanchala gives a short introduction of Smita. After that she go through the subject that what is importance of education special for Indian girls. She also requesting to other girls to share their experiences of inequality, exploitation, safety, dowry, child labor and child marriages and girls also sharing their own experiences that how they will discriminated.

Event Outcome:
They feel free after sharing their problem between them. They all thought that the problem of all girls are near about same . they discuss and decided that how they have overcome and develop our self.
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