NNBY is run by“TRIRATNA INSTITUTE” (Charity Reg.No. F-15644–Pune)

Report on: Learn – Earn – Turn

Purpose: Develop to Our Self
Lead by: Amol Ambhore And Swapnil
Organised by: NNBY Team Pune

Start date: 7 Jan 2018 : End date: 7 Jan 2018
Event Venue: Pimple Gruarv, Near Bank Of Maharashtra, Pune, Maharashtra
Participants Type: Activists
Total Participants:
Male: 8 || Female: 1
Total: 9

One Day Workshop

Subject :-  Learn Earn Turn
  • The topic covered in the activity by trainer
  • How to develop oneself through sharing personal experience in task group
  • The important of skill to communicate ideas of self transformation
  • How one can be creative through sharing the each other life
  • Story which changes with themselves

Event Outcome:
1 Changes felt that they should involve Themselves in such group to share each other knowledge and experience for self transformation 2 they are feeling to take activities in their lpeality and introduce about the activity that being followed by us
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