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Report on: Personal Safety Education

Purpose: To learn child sexual abuse and train to children and parents.
Lead by: Miss. Shubhangi
Organised by: Karuna Trust

Start date: 31 Jul 2018 : End date: 4 Aug 2018
Event Venue: Bahujan Hitay Girls Hostel, Kushinagar, Nagpur
Participants Type: Leader
Total Participants:
Male: 15 || Female: 25
Total: 40

Activity Arpan is an organisation which is working with children since last ten years. It has a child helpline number and providing awareness program to different age group of children through schools. They also provide counselling program to children and parents also. It has team of 100 full timers and no any branch except Mumbai.

The training has included with different session like awareness program on child abuse and child sexual abuse, how to deal children with the event or situation through practising practical module of TOT, how to deal with abuser and parents through counselings.  The whole training knew as personal safety program by Arpan.

We learned about child abuse and child sexual abuse by the trainer from Arpan.

  • Learned about child abuse and child sexual abuse by the trainer from Arpan
  • What is the child?
  • Development process of children?
  • What is the child abuse?
  • What is the sexual abuse?
  • How it grooming?
  • Impact on personality of victim of child abuser?
  • Who will be the abuser?
  • What are the statistics of the child sexual abuse in India?
  • What is support system by government or law in India and universe?
  • What is the personal safety education and Pasco law 2012?
  • What is point of view of society about the children.

Event Outcome:
Participants were learned the child sexual abuse and had been aware with the subject. they would be able to train children and parents.
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