NNBY is run by“TRIRATNA INSTITUTE” (Charity Reg.No. F-15644–Pune)

Inspiring Story of: Dr. Utpreksha Gedam

Age: 32
Gender: Female
Resident: Wardha, Maharashtra, India
Connected with NNBY Since: 2014
Email: utpreksha1987@gmail.com
Qualification: B.D.S., Bachelor of Dental Surgery
Occupation: Self Employ

Dr. Utpreksha Gedam From Wardha, Maharashtra has also been connected with NNBY since 2014 and is pursuing her BDS Doctorate in Dental.

“Before joining NNBY, during my academic period, I was kind of an introvert and was not much social. When I first attended National Convention of NNBY, I saw various videos and met some youths it was like déjà vu. Yes this is what I was looking for.

“I always wanted to join an organisation where I would get an opportunity to work in area like social, spiritual, soft-skill etc.  After joining NNBY made my wish come true. It helped me  to develop my leadership skills. The activities that we planned under NNBY like weekly dhamma study classes, summer camps for children, and workshops on personality development helped me work in teams, keeping our educational backgrounds and egos apart. We shared our values. I feel honour and gratitude when I see many more people like me who share a common vision like me working together for the noble cause of ‘Pay Back to The Society’.”

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