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Inspiring Story of: Sangeet Sakhre

Age: 26
Gender: Male
Resident: Gondia, Maharashtra, India
Connected with NNBY Since: 2016
Email: sangitkumarbauddha@gmail.com
Qualification: Under Graduate
Occupation: Social Worker

Mr. Sangeet grew up in an environment where there was no awareness of the benefits of education and so had no notion of his own potential. His family background was poor and from a young age Sangeet was the sole bread winner of the family though his mother was his backbone, supporting him in all his troubled times.

He got inspired from the great works of Jotiba Phule and Savitribai Phule during an occasional lecture in his school. Gradually he came closer to understand Babasaheb and through his readings came to know the Buddha. The inspiration rejuvenated him and provided a passion to work for society and also develop individually. In 2015 he came to know about NNBY and joined NNBY’s National Convention lead by Dh.Subhuti on the theme ‘Yes, I Can Change’. He says the discourses of Dh. Subhuti made an indelible impact on his mind and he started working to change himself.

The following year, working with NNBY Gondia, he played a key role in organizing a regional youth convention, led by Chetan Meshram. He was even more influenced by that event and from there on he dedicated himself to NNBY.

Today, Sangeet of NNBY is regularly reaching out to other young people conveying the mission objectives of NNBY. Sangeet is also a good poet and a contributor to the ‘Street Plays’ project whose subject is the Dhamma revolution. He has made phenomenal progress in reaching out to new youth groups, encouraging them to participate in “Dhamma Varga (class)” and ‘Task Groups’ regularly organized by NNBY.

Now he is a new member of the Youth Council and represents the Central India contingent of NNBY. He has also taken responsibility as the 2018 National Youth Convention Convener

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