Sujata is another product of NNBY who has very inspiring story that are hardly highlighted to encourage especially when the girl is from schedule caste community in north region.

Sujata, after completing her education was married to a man who passed away just after one and a half years of their marriage due to some unfavorable homely pressures and circumstances. This left Sujata into depression, sickness and insecurities because she was well aware to the condition of women in backward villages of north Indian society especially when she’s not only young but widow and top of it she belonged to the schedule caste community. She was very much afraid to face the society in this condition. She found herself hopeless and remained under the depression treatment for couple of months. She became very weak, distracted and ugly out of sickness.

But soon, the undefined and endless support of  Dhammacharini Shraddhavajri and her family helped Sujata to overcome her insecurities and emotional dependencies. Finally in the year 2014, Sujata was inspired to come to the NNBY’s 8th National Youth Convention at Bhordharan- Maharashtra lead by Dh Subhuti, where her life took a twist.

She saw many other youngsters of her age practicing to become self-dependent in both the personal and social aspect. She came to know that the world is too big to work in.

She realized that there are various possibilities for her inner growth in NNBY. She can also work on her raw skills to refine them and can become more strong and helping hands to others who are in need by just taking the trainings, workshops and retreats organized by NNBY.

Sujata attended consecutive two NNBY yearly conventions, 3 leadership training and few retreats which helped her become more self-dependent, strong and happy. She just recovered her depression in couple of months after her first convention of 2014. She came back with enthusiasm to work on her loneliness and participated in many regional camps organized for kids in 2015 by North India NNBY team. She stayed in connection with all the NNBY activists throughout the year.

Vaibhav Veer, who’s one of the founder member of NNBY took a huge and revolutionary step to marry her, because being a widow girl it was difficult to nurture her possibilities to grow as an independent being and take initiatives to step in the positive direction alone. So when he found her very enthusiastic and skilled girl, he undoubtedly decided to tie a knot so that she could grow her full and then help other such females.

In 2015 convention, people found drastic change in her. She’s now full of confidence and she has clear ways to grow due to her husband and NNBY.