Appeal for supporting NNBY's 10th National Convention

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NATIONAL NETWORK OF BUDDHIST YOUTH organizes every year a NATIONAL CONVENTION in the month of December, where about 500 youth from almost 18-20 different states of INDIA participate. These youth are in the age group of 15-35 years The convention is a big success to learn and share the multi talent from multi cultured states of India under one umbrella of NNBY and common driving ideologies of Dr. Ambedkar and The revolutionary BUDDHA.

Coming together in large numbers on a national level is very essential for the mobilization of youth. Although we are one nation different regions and states have their own cultures and traditions. Sometimes these external forms appear in such a way that we mistake it as our differences. To overcome this difficulty national convention is an opportunity. Through National Convention we share common vision mission and values and stay united. This strengthens us as well as every individual gets an opportunity to expose himself or herself to unexplored horizons in their lives. What comes as a result is growth in togetherness and friendship. These itself is a new society in miniature. This is why we organize National Convention every year.

This year 2016, NNBY is celebrating its 10th National Convention, since its first convention which was held on 25th Dec 2007.

In this 10th National Convention which is going to be held from 25th -30th Dec 2016 at Huen Tsang Retreat Centre, Bhordharan (Wardha-Maharashtra), we are expecting about 350 numbers of NNBY activist and leader from different parts of India.
So, to make this 10th National Convention a huge success, we need your great support. Please support us by any of these below three options. Whatever way you wish to contribute will always be of great value for us.

1. Donate in kind form

You are welcome to donate any of these following items directly which are required during the Conventions.

Particular Qty
Rice / चावल 300kg
Wheat Flour / गेहूँ / अट्टा 250kg
Sunflower -Oil / तेल (15 ltr Tin) 7nos
Sugar / चीनी 100kg
Split Pigeon Peas / तूर दाल 50kg
Flattened Rice / पोहा 50kg
Semolina / सूजी 40kg
Cowpea / बरवटी 40kg
Turkish gram, Moth bean / मोंठ , मटकी 40kg
Green Gram / मूंग 40kg
Salt / नमक 20kg
Chilly Powder / मिर्च पाउडर 5kg
Turmeric Powder / हल्दी पाउडर 1.5kg
Coriander Powder / धनिया पाउडर 5kg
Coconut Shredded / किसा हुआ नारियल 5kg
Tea Powder / चाय पावडर 5kg
Potato / आलू 100kg
Onion / प्याज 70kg

These items can be directly provided at the Huen Tsang Retreat Centre, Bhordharan or at NNBY's Nagpur Office before 20th Dec 2016.

2. Sponsor Food

You are welcome to sponsor food per day or per item during the Conventions.

Particular Qty/Day Value Total
Tea 2 1,000.00 12,000.00
Breakfast 1 3,000.00 18,000.00
Food 2 24,000.00 288,000.00
Grand Total: 318,000.00

*Charges shown are for 6 convention days- 25-30th Dec2016 for 350 participants.
Per day food charges is Rs. 53000/-

You can also support us by sponsoring one particular item Tea, Breakfast or Food by donating Rs.1000/-, Rs.3000/- or Rs.24000/- respectively.

3. Sponsor Participants

We are expecting about 50 participants from marginalized group from states like Bihar, Chhattisgarh, Arunachal Pradesh, Orissa and Uttar Pradesh.
To motivate these youth for participation, we would like to appeal to you for supporting their retreat fees and travelling charges to and fro.
The total cost per participant goes around Rs. 2500/-

For any more information:

Email us at:

Call us:
PARAG: 9923472085
VISHVAJEET: 9545474716
SONU: 9730824746

Our Bank Details

Account Name: Network Of Buddhist Youth
Bank Name: State Bank of Hyderabad
Bank Branch: Power Grid, Nagpur
Account Number: 62146492325
IFSC Code: SBHY0021034
NNBY - Growing Together With Mutual Love and friendship!