Training can only be focused on individuals who wish to transform themselves into more and more exalted state of being. Once commitment grows with one’s experience, as a result one is more and more involved in the process of training. We have designed four levels of involvement of individuals. Their depth of involvement in training and their experience are more important than the hierarchy.

Following are the levels of involvement:
Beginners => Activist=>Leader / Trainers => Cadre


Any one attending our sessions and keeping connected with us are beginners. One can keep attending whatever events possible without taking any responsibility or commitment. If one is inspired to take oneself deeper into the process of self-transformation, we recommend they start being active with us in reaching out and helping others. By doing this one enters into the next level of training – Activists.


Those who involve in organizing and supporting activities are Activists. Through taking responsibility, giving one’s time and energy for the benefit of others, learning to work with others and facing challenges of team work is the process of learning activists. We offer relevant training for this level of involvement. To deepen one’s involvement, there is next level of training.

Leaders & Trainers

Those activists who are involved in team building, leading organizing teams for various events, are actively involved in resolving disputes and creating harmony amongst the members of NNBY are Leaders. Leaders can also be trainers who offer workshop and training of various kinds. We offer a training course to improve the effectiveness of our leaders and trainers. Community of trainers also offer support and care for each other.


Those leaders who had exhibited his or her commitment to Three Jewels through their consistent involvement and efforts for number of years. Those who have put themselves through rigorous and challenging training of Buddha Dhamma.

These levels are not exclusive, they are inclusive. Leaders are activists and Cadres are Activists and Leaders too.