Venue : Nibban Temple, seminary hills, Nagpur.
Date : 1st July 2017
Lead by : Dr. Utpreksha Gedam
Indicators : 48 (male) age above 50

On the occasion of birthday celebration of around 25 members of “PHULE SHAHU AMBEDKAR SENIOR CITIZENS ORGANIZATION”, awareness campaign was organized under the guidance of above mentioned speaker. We all are very much aware of donation of blood, organ but the concept of donation of worries is virgin. How worries act as fuel in depression and how anxiety and depression increases the risk of diabetes and cardiovascular diseases and key points regarding depression and anxiety were told by the speaker. The organization’s chief have requested to take a medical camp next month for them. At last an activity based song was also played by the speaker wherein senior citizens participated very enthusiastically.

Outcome : The beneficiaries became aware of mental health and how it is related with other illnesses.

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