Leader: Chetan Meshram, Nagpur

Date: 20th to 21st June 2015
Place : Bhupendra Puri Buddha Vihar, Modi Nagar, Uttar Pradesh
Purpose: Develop leadership skills and fund raising strategy.
NNBY team involved: North India Team


Two days residential training workshop was organized starting from 20th June till 21st June 2015. This was an invitee training workshop to develop leadership skills for 12 active North India NNBY members. These members have being very active in promoting NNBY activities all the year round and have developed a good network in North India since last two years. This training was to fulfill the urge to develop leadership qualities in them and boosting their confidence for further development of NNBY as a team.


The participant consisting of 6 boys and 6 girls were:

  1. Sadan Dobra (Siyana-UP)
  2. Ankush Dobra (Siyana-UP)
  3. Aakash Bauddha (Siyana-UP)
  4. Saurabh Bauddha (Siyana-UP)
  5. Milind Gautam (Ghaziabad-UP)
  6. Vaibhav Veer (New Delhi)
  7. Bheemlata (Tibda, Modi Nagar-UP)
  8. Sujata (Modi Nagar-UP)
  9. Sujata Bauddha (Meerut-UP)
  10. Anamika (Dehradun-UP)
  11. Sanghamitra Gautam (New Delhi)
  12. Amla Sheel (Ghaziabad-UP)

The training was leaded by Mr. Chetan Meshram (Nagpur) who is a leading NNBY Trainer. Chetan has being leading leadership trainings for NNBY activists since last five years. He is a very young and dynamic leader and has expertise in developing team building and fund raising strategies.


The two day training workshop was divided in two parts Primary Session (pre-lunch) and Secondary Session (post-lunch).




First day of the training was started by Pooja by reciting Triratna Vandana, 5 precepts and meditated for few minutes. Then every person introduced themselves to others, how they were feeling and what they expected from this two day workshop. This helped in creating a connection between all the participants. Then the team openly discussed about their concerns regarding their leadership qualities bringing out their hopes and fears as being a leader. All such outcomes were noted down in the chat paper for mapping out. This activity amazingly assisted us to figure out each ones concerns, hope & fears both as an individual and as a part of team.


In this part, Chetan took an individual session in which he apprised the participants on “Synthetic Culture” and “Culture of Mind.” He also explained the difference between habits & discipline. He emphasized to have continuous meetings and regular discussion and aware the team about the ‘fund raising’ aspects simultaneously at the end of the first day.



2nd day all the team members participated altogether in an activity how to form the VISION STATEMENT. All the members presented their own definitions of VISION & MISSION and a led to understand clearly the difference between the two.


The session again started with the chart activity. Three groups were divided 4 members in each group and spotted a very new concept for us called SWOT analysis. We drew our STRENGTHS, WEAKNESS, OPPORTUNITY and THREATS as an individual and as a TEAM. This was also one of the most important factor discussed during this training.


At the end, we turned off the session summarizing all the points discussed during the training and few relevant points like fund and resources raising, organizing more workshops, retreats and programs etc. Also developed rich connection altogether.

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