A free health check-up including dental and mental health check-up camp was organized on 23rd April 2017 at Samyak Buddha Vihar, Bhim Nagar, Wardha. Camp was organized in association with National Network of Buddhist Youth Wardha & Dnyanprabodhini Bahu-uddeshiya Sanstha Nagpur. The 10 team members from various field of health sciences including medical, dental, ayurveda and psychology arrived the said venue by 9:00 AM. Free physical examination along with free Blood Pressure, Body Mass Index tests, complete oral check-up were provided by the organizers.
The theme of WHO for 2017 being “DEPRESSION: LET’S TALK” and keeping in mind the increasing stress in this changing lifestyle, much importance was given to mental health especially of youth under the theme “DONATE YOUR WORRIES”. The specialist Mrs. Rashmi Ture of Dept. of Psychology of Tata Institute of Social Science came long way from Chennai. The beneficiaries were examined thoroughly and all the details were maintained in a questionnaire.
Total 98 beneficiaries amongst whom approximately 60 were youth benefited from the camp. Doctors advised them various medicines and consultation during the camp.
Camp was successfully organized under the guidance of Aatish Meshram, Dr. Priyadarsh, Chetan Meshram, Mithunkumar & Ashwaratna Lote and Sankul Labhane supported in co-ordination of the camp. Camp was coordinated by Dr. Utpreksha Gedam.
Always in a mission of helping youth in building healthy nation.
I Remain
Dr. Utpreksha Gedam
Camp coordinator, NNBY, Wardha

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