DATE : 10 JUNE 2017 TO 12 JUNE 2017
VENUE : Bodhisattva Buddha Vihar, Vikramshila Nagar, Wardha, Maharashtra
Type : Non-residential
LEAD BY : Mr. Gautam Patil, Dr. Pravin Wankhede & Dr. Utpreksha Gedam.
INDICATORS : 70 (39- Females, 31- Males)

“Hakuna Matata !” Yeah.
We had this crazy experience at our three days summer camp which we took as an opportunity to have fun and simultaneously learning team building and working together and helping kids getting engaged in extra-curricular activities which helps them in holistic development.
Mr. Gautam Patil, a teacher by profession is a reknown personality who is an effective & friendly person when it comes to work with kids. Dr. Pravin Wankhede, working with Lord Buddha TV channel is an effluent speaker who has got knowledgeable skills of personality development. Dr. Utpreksha Gedam, loves to work with children by motivating them & helping them learn new skills.
Camp started with registrations & to our surprise, in the first 2 hours 46 registrations were done & 24 entries were done later the same day. At 10.00 am, inauguration of the camp was done by doing offerings to Gautam Buddha & Dr. B. R. Ambedkar by Dh. Upeksharatna & Mr. Waghmare. Hosting was done by Prof. Gyanendra Muneshwar. In order to get campers know each other, a game of introduction “ROAMING IN PARIS” was played. It followed lunch.

Later campers were made aware of South-African Art & were taught to draw a beautiful South-African lady on a drawing sheet which was provided to them. A movie Kung-Fu Panda was screened on a projector later which was followed by delicious snacks. End of the first day was done by an outdoor game RED ROVER.
2nd day of the camp started at 10:00 am. Buddha Puja & meditation (Anapansati) led by Mr. Waghmare. It was followed by a session of Mr. Gautam Patil on “Competitve Exams & Olympiads” & how to prepare for them. It was an interactive session where campers were allowed to ask questions regarding various scholarship examination. After this session campers were then divided into 6 groups with a coordinator each. Campers then had food in their respective groups which immediately was followed by an activity of “POT-CULTURE” wherein kids were asked to paint & decorate earthen-pots. There is no wonder if given colours & brushes to children, they start painting their dreams. This session was followed by snacks at 3:00 pm, just after when kids came on ground for an out-door activity DRAW & REACT & DODGE BALL.

3rd & the final day of camp arose with the same – Buddha Puja & Meditation at 10:00 am. Our guest Mr. P. Wankhede engaged campers in a personality development session which they found very unique, activity-based & informative. This session continued till 12:15 pm which followed lunch till 1:15 pm. Campers with their assigned monitors then moved to their groups for another activity of “GREETING CARD MAKING” wherein they wrote beautiful messages to their moms & dads, grandparents, friends & some of them were for their co-ordinators too. Art has the role in education of helping children become like themselves instead of more like everyone else. Some snacks were then distributed to the campers. At last came the time of closing of the camp & the kids were like ma’am can we extend our camp for a week, for two days at least. But as the saying goes “All good things must come to an end”, we had to pack off our camp by “VALEDICTORY SESSION” under the presence of Dh. Deepvati, hosted by Mr. Sankul Labhane. Few campers then shared their feedbacks & experiences of the camp which were very positive & fruitful for our team. Even parents were happy to see their wards enjoying & learning from the camp. Photos & Selfies session started thereon.
“There is no place like camp, I wish i could stay here forever” was the feeling that every camper & our team members had in their hearts.
Working unitedly in building & shaping a new nation of Babasaheb’s dream.
We Remain Together
Wardha Team (NNBY)

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