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Communication skill

Communication :-  Types of Communication 1.      Formal communication 2.      Informal communication 3.      Verbal communication 4.      Non - verbal communication Formal communication :- In any organisation or college or company, when…

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Edification of Self Series

Edification of Self Series: Role of Ambedkarite Buddhist in Deepening the Dhamma. Purpose- Spreading awareness about the Ambedkarite Buddhism and the role of Ambedkarite Buddhist in our society. The Ambedkarite Buddhism is somewhere very much different from a well known and Buddhism accepted in other countries like China, Japan, Tibet, etc. The Buddhism adopted by Babasaheb was to empower the neglected and unidentified community in India in 1956. Hence, it is important for us to understand his vision about Buddhism and Dhamma.

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Art of Reflection

One Day Workshop Subject :- “Art of Reflection” All the participants  had come from Nagpur region ,all the participants want to get more information about “Art of Reflection” as well…

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Personal Safety Education

Activity Arpan is an organisation which is working with children since last ten years. It has a child helpline number and providing awareness program to different age group of children…

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Youth Convention 2018 Bhandara

SUBJECT :- IDEAL SOCIETY…. PROPOSED BY DR. B.R. AMBEDKAR Activity :- A youth organisation by the youth, for the youth working from 11 years. In NNBY youth identities their inner…

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Trainers Gathering

Ist Day :- Session I :- The Trainers gathering was started from meditation with mantra chanting at 11’O Clock. It was 15 min. task for relaxing their mind & body.…

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Youth Convention 2018 Nashik

This retreat was first of its kind to be held in proper Nashik city. The intention of the retreat was to promote NNBY activities in western Maharashtra region. Dh Ratnashila…

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