One Day Workshop

Subject: – Basic Structure of NNBY & it’s functioning for Youth Development and Mobilization

One the above-mentioned subject it was very important to take workshop on our organization’s Functioning and it’s Structure, Some of the participants were new and some already working activist were also in need of the same awareness. As I started the first stage of my session “WRITING”NNBY on the Board Bellows mentioned Questions came from new comer… 

1)  What is NNBY?

2)  Whom it’s working for?

3)From where this is being run?


The word “BUDHIST YOUTH” was wondering for some youth. Taking the perspective of Dr. B.R. AMBEDKAR. That “BUDDHIST IDENTITY IS A GLOBAL IDENTITY” and having being with The BUDDHIST IDENTITY one can connect themselves with outer world and that connection can lead them to explore their mind and exchange the ideas . And with global identity we can develop the sense of UNIVERSAL BROTHERHOOD”

Dealing the Answer of the first Question from them I came to the conclusion and the feedback:-

1)  They could understand that how it is to being a BUDHIST YOUTH.

2)  They need to understand more about Buddhist ideals and Teachings introduced by Dr. B.R.AMBEDKAR.

3) From where it is being run?

Answering the third Question it was dealt by bellows mentioned points.

I) officially this is managed and maintained (Documentation) from Nagpur (Maharashtra)

II) It is very important to note that it’s all regional groups are Autonomous and they are responsible for organizing their own activities according to their convenience and need.