Role of Ambedkarite Buddhist in Deepening the Dhamma.

NNBYMumbai_Workshop17Feb2019 (54)The purpose of this event was to spread awareness about the Ambedkarite Buddhism and the role of Ambedkarite Buddhist in our society. The Ambedkarite Buddhism is somewhere very much different from a well known and Buddhism accepted in other countries like China, Japan, Tibet, etc. The Buddhism adopted by Babasaheb was to empower the neglected and unidentified community in India in 1956. Hence, it is important for us to understand his vision about Buddhism and Dhamma.

  • Prof Bodhi Sir  highlighted some bullet points which defines the Ambedkarite Dhamma and Buddhist education.
  • Components of Education Ambedkarite Buddhist Education is evolved from struggle, experience.
  • Power is politics and politics is power.
  • Ambedkarite should have knowledge about politics.
  • Difference between reaction, response and reflection.
  • He explained about Bramhinical education system and it’s components and difference between Bramhinical education system and Ambedkarite Buddhist Education system.

Group discussion was conducted after every topic. Participants reflected on many important topics. It was healthy, conceptualized and fruitful reflection of discussion.