This retreat was first of its kind to be held in proper Nashik city. The intention of the retreat was to promote NNBY activities in western Maharashtra region. Dh Ratnashila and Dh Nagadhwaj lead the retreat explaining the topic Kalyana Mitrata and how we c

an grow together with mutual love and friendship through “Kalyana Mitrata” and go further ahead in spiritual path towards gaining enlightment.

All of the main talk was made FaceBook live in NNBY Facebook group so that members from other regions would also get benefit of the retreat.


There were 8 groups divided lead by: Dh Nagadhwaj, Dh Vasitkumar, Dh Mokshasara, Santosh Inamdar, Vikash Kumar, Amol Husale, Vijay Ahire, Nivrutti Gangurde. In the group participants discussed their views on the topic of the Main talk and clarified their doubts with their leaders.

The NNBY Vision, Mission and objectives was explained by Dh Mokshasara. The various projects of NNBY was explained by Santosh Inamdar. The various activities of NNBY was explained by Uttam Shetty. The benefits of personal development after joining NNBY, Bihar’s NNBY work and inspiring self-life story was narrated by Vikash Kumar.

NNBY Cadre Chetan Meshram from Nagpur guided the participants’ on Youth and Social responsibility

During the conventions days daily Chi-Kung and meditation was lead by Dh Nagadhwaj and Dh Mokshasara. Last day of the convention a cultural event was organized. Swapnali Jadhav, Tanmay, Kimaya, Diksha, Trishika, Kiran and others performed various songs and dance. Play for peace activities lead by John and Santosh were taken during the free time. Vasitkumar also took various activities for breaking the ice before the main talk.




The retreat management was well planned and executed by the Nashik NNBY members. Though it was their first retreat as an organizer they did their duties quite well and confidently. These team looked after the promotions, purchases, registration, kitchen management, water management programming, shrine, printing, stationaries and accounting of the convention. The members were:

Siddhart Urkude, Santosh Inamdar, Rohit Bhagul, Pratik Chandramore, Priyanka, Madhura, Swapnali, Anup, Pravin, Swathi, Prasad.

The above team was well supported and guided by Nashik mitras and GFR members: Vijay Ahire, Nivrutti Gangurde, Ratan Jadhav, Pramod Kamble, Satish Salve, Chandrashekar, Santosh Ahute, Kiran, and others.

The complete Grocery – kirana items required for the retreat was sponsored by Nashik NNBY and TBM members:

Chetan Pawar , Vijay Ahire, Rahul Pandav, R Bhadange, Siddharth, Pankaj G, Suraj T, Pratik Chandramore, Priyanka,  Nagdive Sir, Aniket, Uttam Shetty

We would also like to thanks our donors for their kind financial contribution towards the success of the retreat:

Nagdive Sir, Shyam More, Haresh Bhalerao, Prashant Thool, Prashant Modak, Tejale Sir, Bankarji, Maya More, Mahesh Meshram, Amol Husale, CS Oil Industry, Rohit Bagul, Vasitkumar and Arhant

Our special thanks for the trust members of the Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar Sabhagraha – Shri Deepakbhai Nanawre, Shri P.K. Gaikwad and Shri Tejale Saheb for providing the Hall and their kind guidance towards the management of the retreat.

We are also much thankful towards Dh Ratnashila for giving his valuable time and guidance towards the youth. And Dh Vasitkumar for his overall guidance towards the success of this retreat.