NATIONAL NETWORK OF BUDDHIST YOUTH organizes every year a NATIONAL CONVENTION in the month of December, where about 500 youth from almost 18-20 different states of INDIA participate. These youth are in the age group of 15-35 years The convention is a big success to learn and share the multi talent from multi cultured states of India under one umbrella of NNBY and common driving ideologies of Dr. Ambedkar and The revolutionary BUDDHA.

nnbynationalconventionComing together in large numbers on a national level is very essential for the mobilization of youth. Although we are one nation different regions and states have their own cultures and traditions. Sometimes these external forms appear in such a way that we mistake it as our differences. To overcome this difficulty national convention is an opportunity. Through National Convention we share common vision mission and values and stay united. This strengthens us as well as every individual gets an opportunity to expose himself or herself to unexplored horizons in their lives. What comes as a result is growth in togetherness and friendship. These itself is a new society in miniature. This is why we organize National Convention every year.

This platform helps the individual to:

  • For personality development.
  • To connect with each other.
  • Contribute to a global youth network and representing the society at international arena.
  • To mobilize the resources among the youth efficiently, meaningfully, morally and creatively.
  • Exchange the ideas and resource.
  • Leadership development.
  • Breaking the caste identities.
  • Awareness on social, political, cultural, economic and contemporary issues.
  • Spiritual development-ethical and moral education.
  • Making the strong commitment of counter revolution against Brahmanism with an ideology for global humanitarian development.

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