My name is Rohit Tirupade. I was born to a lower middle class small family in Gondia district. I was three years old when my father died from cancer. At that time my elder brother was in class VIII and the other brother was in the 7th class. At that time all the responsibility of the household came to his shoulders and I have to do my studies alone. My mother was a homemaker who was engaged in the service of my elder sister as she was also suffered from cancer (My sister and her Husband died due to cancer in some years later). Both the brothers played the responsibility of the house by working at the local Beedi (Cigarrete) factory as Beedi workers and with the burden of education of the younger brothers.

Gradually I grew up and passed 10th grade, I started working   (to earn) for completing further education because of my poor financial condition. Meanwhile  I came to hear that  the Dhamma Teaching was taught in nearby Mahaprandya Buddha Vihar of Tiroda .In the same vicinity NNBY has organised numerous workshops and  Dhamma class, thus  I got introduced to NNBY in 2011.This interaction has helped me immensely to realize my potential. Due to my curiosity to learn I was later inducted in the Trainers training Programme of NNBY and improved my understanding on various facets of dhamma and realization of the self.

I have found so many true friends in NNBY who take care of yourself as well as has sensibilities towards the society around. Then as part of team from NNBY Gondia, had started setting up Local Libraries, Study centres and Community centres. Today at the age of 25, I am now working at the post of Principal of the CBSE Little Flower Academy, as well as working with NNBY to lift the social and educational level of student of marginalised people. All of my friends in NNBY is like family to me and feel grateful to them.