Sanjit Kumar belongs to a rural area and he came from a middle class family. After passing the 10th Grade went to city for seeking further studies and got admission in 11th in gaya collage. Then he was given an opportunity to attend the NNBY Retreat organised in Boudhgaya through the friends. He was  influenced by the Life and mission of Babasaheb and touched by the rich knowledge of  Buddha dhamma. After that there was a great desire to know about Babasaheb and Lord Buddha then he started reading Babasaheb .For the first time he got the chance to attend NNBY retreat in Nagpur.

Before coming to NNBY retreats he was completely believing in the orthodox old faith  now he feels  got changed when he started taking keen interest in knowing Babsaheb and Buddha Dhamma.He got this opportunity of learning through various retreat and workshop conducted by NNBY.Later he was selected for  Leadership Training programme where he could meet committed leaders of NNBY ,now they became his best friends of life.He is now a full time trainer of NNBY and taking workshops and trainings regularly in Bihar suburbs and rural area.