Title: Rise Up Reach Out …a step to reach various villages with thoughts of ideology and vision of NNBY
Date: 15th August 2017
Venue: Farid Nagar,District Hapur, Village Kachroth,Thauna,Bigrau, Siyana,Bulandshahar
Lead By: NNBY North India Team
Reached Indicators: 60 People

NNBY North India team decided to reach people in villages door to door and journey started from Modinagar which we supposed our central office. Firstly we reached Village Faridnagar based near to Modinagar where we met about 10 young boys and girls where we shared thoughts about Buddha, Babasaheb Ambedkar, shared the vision of NNBY. We tried to improve their mental status through ideology. Vaibhav shared the birth of NNBY and its vision, Milind gave the thoughts on ideology of Babasaheb Ambedkar,  Sonveer an Akash Sagar lead the discussion.

Outcome: Youth inspired with vision of NNBY they are liked to be activist and to come for national convention.

Then we went to Siyana region where we met local body of activists we planned strategies and have fruitful discussion on youth in villages and their needs we met at Buddha Vihar at Village Sarai in Siyana. Then we went to Village Kachroth where we gather about 15 youth Satish Masterji lead the discussion on freedom and youth, which motivates youth to know about what kind of freedom we need. Vaibhav lead a session on NNBY and its work for youth, Milind gave information about education we need then Sadan lead session on empowerment. Ankush Akash and Sonveer lead a session on question and answers

Outcome: youth inspired with the topic we chose for convention and inspired to reach for convention.

Then we went to village Thouna which is situated about 15 KM near Siyana, where we met some parents and gather young inspiring girls with their parents about 20 people gathered. We started to lead some sessions so Anuj open the sessions with background on rise up and reach out, Vaibhav gave information about education we need, Satish ji put his thoughts on empowerment of girls, where ankush and Sadan lead session on youth and happiness. Afterwards Sonveer and Akash sagar lead question answer session.

Outcome: girls had some questions about educations and liberty, doubts were cleared but they also want to join National convention to get more clarity.

Then we went to Village Bigraun, where a group of 15 young students we met. We propagate ideology of Babasaheb Ambedkar and freedom. Anuj and Satish masterji lead the session. Where, some students put thoughts on their past experiences with NNBY which gave others inspiration.

Outcome: young students inspired with Babasaheb Ambedkar’s education and his dedication to uplift the society.

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