One Day Workshop

Subject :- “Art of Reflection”

All the participants  had come from Nagpur region ,all the participants want to get more information about “Art of Reflection” as well as sheared there reflections.

The task group was started by doing just setting and meditation, in a creative style. The meditation leaded by Mr. sanju, after that we had done Buddhist chanting and we all did reporting. The introduction of subject had given by Mr. sanju who had done training of Art of reflection  from Dh kumarjeeva .all the participants were reflecting there own thought and simultaneously they were trying to experience there reflection of day to day life.

We were investigating our thought and reflecting, that how does it work?  On the other hand we were finding the cause of the thought and root of the thought in our task group. In the group we had seen everyone was so open and all of them were easy to understand the own reflection of their own mind. It was so new concept for everyone we never give time to think or reflect for ourselves  but after dealing on this topic we got some important element of our life on the bases of Art of Reflection.