One Day Workshop

Subject:- Girls in 21st century    

The particepants are mainly girls from different cast and religion and educational background

Diksha start with giving them history of women day __

१९०८ सालात १५ हजार कष्टकरी स्त्रिया न्यूयॉर्क शहरात एकत्रित आल्या आणि आपल्या मागण्यांसाठी त्यांनी अभूतपूर्व असा मोर्चा काढला होता.  त्याच शोषित- कष्टकऱ्यांच्या चळवळीची देण असलेल्या जागतिक महिला दिनाचा वारसा पुढे नेत आपल्या अधिकारांसाठी लढणाऱ्या कष्टकरी महिलांना व शेतकऱ्यांना सलाम!

We have to celebrate women day . In the past history, Buddha is the 1st person in indian history who destroy it. Dhamma has separate women monk group ( Bhikuni Sangha ) Prajapati Gutami  is the mother of Buddha who leads it. From those things we have that  the women have freedom on that time. But  manusmrti  gives slavery of women. Nowadays it follow by most of the women on the name religions and cultures it has been forcefully followed by many of us.

We are in 21st century but we still have freedom then asking a question to participants how you see yourself as girl and what difficult do you face in your day to day life in our society. Then a muslim (M. Pathan ) girl says that we have different culture. She says that i have restriction for many things. i don’t have freedom go out side of house for simple work. Education take very lightly for me but a completion to read a Kuran. It doesn’t matter to follow but you read it. If you are unable to read it you cannt marry. She told that her parents gives her full support to prepare for government job but form her same community oppose her to do that. She will manage oppose and restricted things and living in hostel.

The other girl also told that she have father who take alcohol on daily basis. She told that she face the family problem and society take her as that what would you do, your just a girl but she face it with help of her mother and continue her study.

Then diksha ask another question to all that how we look at girls as like object. The main motive to be physical with her or fulfill the emotional need. Boys reply positively that they want to connect emotionally to girls. generally  from opposite gender,  We have strong bonding. But they also told that the most of boys have intension to be physical with girls.

Then the girls problem regarding to monthly periods had been discussed and the guest Shirish Gavai give very good explation on it. On the other question like virginity of girls also explain by him that it cannt told her decency. There are many reasons of losing virginity in modern days working style of women. In modern era her heath issues simply by just cycling also a reason to lost a virginity  It is not necessary that someone  losing virginity after physical only. But the mentality of society and boys have that if someone is not virgin it means she has physical relation with another one.