Purpose :- They wanted to built confidence as a human being apart from gender identity and express
their existence through openness, making liberal to society with generating equal opportunities
according to need.

Activity:- All girls openly discussed the life’s struggle knowing as a girl. They found that they are still struggling for understanding their feelings as a human being, opposite gender considered them as object for using in enjoying lust, even womens also helps them to encourage for the same due to illusion and blind faith in religion and societies ethics. They also struggling with their physical and hormone changes. At the end to discussion they found that no one are in life who will be understand them and recognise as human being and the suffering is that we are feeling alone in life’s journey. The girls have so much struggle in their life , in every field like internal body struggle , internal mind struggle, physical, emotional, mental and soon, but as newton said, if you don’t change any thing nothing will change. if we really want a change in, it is our responsibility to make change in our circumstances.

Every struggle will be our strong point to develop our self but only when we commit to do struggle, then we commit to fight, when we commit to change. The Trainers discussed the strength of human being which are in every commune human, the strength doesn’t recognised the gender. Its a commune strength are found within girls and boys. We have to identify and improve it, with making support system. We have to educate to our feelings, thoughts, our basic needs , existence, and gives value it by yourself firstly. If we will make trust on ourselves then it will be easy to accept from others. As babasahab said get slavers know that they are slave only when they will try to get out from slavery. Like this girls has to know that they are struggling for their individual independence. Only then they will fight for their independence so girls will continue telling to India’s women that they can also be free from struggling and suffering. We have to live our life with practicing equality, liberty, fraternity and justice by making clear understanding on it.

We have something common and uncommon. We agitate with this that was found as uncommon. The struggle will start with the agitation. We can find our strength when we are struggling in critical situation of our life and were alone. Always we take us in second priority of our life. Why? Just because of as a female and society doesn’t recognise to female as equal with male person. We need to think we are born as human and we are human firstly apart from our gender identity. We have to respect with this. The agitation is found that just ideological differences between two different ideology. We miss the essence of the agitation and considers as discrimination between male and female from male dominated society.

We should take initiative for our development as an individual. Every human are equal by birth apart from their gender identity. Nature has given two different genders according to fulfilling reproductive system for balancing the nature. Female has been given an opportunity to be a mother and born a human child. The female physical structure has been developed for parenting the new born baby. The male and female has only physical differences as playing role in reproductive system of nature. Both are human being and having emotions. The equal strength of qualities is in both genders as an individual. Every individual should accept to another one as an individual, as an equal with, what they are.

The Dhamma help us to treat everyone as growing up as an individual by protecting from non ethical action. Babasaheb told in the Buddha and his Dhamma ; “ contrary to this Dhamma is social, it is fundamentally and essentially so. Dhamma is righteousness, which means right relations between man and man in all spheres of life. From this it is evident that one man if he is alone does not need Dhamma but when there are two men living in relation to each other they must find a place for Dhamma whether they like it or not. Neither can escape it. In other words, society cannot do without Dhamma. Indian society follows the inequality as par Manusmruti against the Indian constitution.

The manusmruti taught the rules for maintaining the inequality in Indian society. Babasaheb was challenged to the system of manusmruti by burning the book written by Manu on 25 Dec 1927 and provided the Indian constitution to India based on liberty, equality, fraternity and justice after independence. Are we feeling free in India though Indian had been gotten independence? India is a democratic country and Indian constitution provides the freedom. Babasaheb told about the freedom in his talk,  “ मानसिक स्वतंत्र हेच खरे स्वतंत्र आहे. ज्याचे मन स्वतंत्र नाही तो मोकळा असून गुलाम आहे. ज्याचे मन स्वतंत्र नाही तो जरी कैदी नसला तरी तो तुरुंगात आहे. ज्याचे मन स्वतंत्र नाही तो जिवंत असून मेला आहे. मनाचे स्वतंत्र हि जिवंतपणाची साक्ष आहे. परंतु मानसिक स्वतंत्र वसत आहे. त्याचा लोप झाला नाही, याचा पुरावा काय ? मानसिक स्वतंत्र कुणाला आहे असे म्हणता येईल ? जो आपली बुद्धी जागृत ठेऊन आपले हक्क काय आपले अधिक काय व आपले कर्तव्य काय याची जाणीव करून घेतो त्याला मी स्वतंत्र म्हणतो
………. डॉ. बाबासाहेब आंबेडकर (मुक्ती कोण पथे ह्या पुस्तकातून)

Still we follow the traditional religious beliefs as the symbol of Manusmruti due to lack of social education. We have to commit for removing from its roots. We should commit for the purpose. We have to develop self inspiration for agitating with the societies barriers. The true history taught us about the great Bahujan worriers and their agitation. We should learn by the history. We want to make clear understanding with the vision and mission. We should educate our self and society and ready to agitate by collective efforts as ready for our mission. “A society where every individual enjoys liberty treats his fellow citizens as equal and with loving kindness” NNBY. Neha trained to participants for developing awareness and positive emotions by meditation practice and chi kun exercises during the session.