One Day Workshop

Subject :- Role Of Youth In Society

Participants were all come from Meerut (U.P.) at the age group of 16-35. Form boys want to know about subject what kind of their presence of in the society. They were in confusion that what they did in such kind of critical condition.

All the boys and girls come at place and where the workshop has been conducted. Mr. Vedprakash give a short introduction of Milind and Saurabha. Milind start expressing himself with the subject of “role of youth in society”, and  telling them the important of education and what kind of critical condition of society nowadays. We don’t go against it.  Make atmosphere which inspire us to move forward and others also. We all go to move in all kind of development like social, educational, financial, culturally etc. He also told to all boys that only youth can change our society.  Any kind of change comes only when youth want to change it. For this youth mind has been change with their thinking. He gives the example of Babasaheb Ambedkar and motivates them for social development. And giving them many more examples of Babasaheb’ and also express that we need education with moral values. He also told to guys that we are having potential and power. Only think that we have to do that is we have to come to together now the time has come to unite and develop our self and the guys who with us also. Our development is the only answer to those who discriminate us.