Ist Day :-

Session I :- The Trainers gathering was started from meditation with mantra chanting at 11’O Clock. It was 15 min. task for relaxing their mind & body. After that the leaders made a 4 groups for group discussion, they gave important task to trainers about Social & Political thoughts and what is a role of NNBY in this thoughts and how it work. After finishing 20 min. the group Leaders presented over group discussion topic in front of all. In each leaders were very actively do lead with their own discussion with experiences. All the group leaders had done very well.

Session II :- The IInd session started at 2:30pm with Ist session reporting, all the trainers gave it 5 min. reporting after that again the leaders made 4 groups for group discussion and now leaders gave task to trainer about social & Spiritual thoughts and what is the NNBY roles and how it work. After 20 min finishing the group leader present over group discussion topic in front of all. Each group leader was very actively lead their own discussion & own experience. They told that about their’s day to day life experiences. How they deel society problem with their’s family problem. How they practice in society with spiritual practice. Each group leaders experience was different-different and all the group leaders had done very well.

Session III :- session III started at 5:30 pm with Ist session reporting, after reporting leader gave 3 important task to the trainers, 1) what is purpose, 2) what is meaning, &  3) what is contribution. Each task was 20 min. in the Ist task “what is purpose”, the leader divided 2 pairs group. In the group discussion, trainers task was what is purpose in your personal life and how can you connect your purpose in our social purpose. After that in their’s presentation listening each trainers purpose was very important for social development and they were also committed social purpose development. After this task, the trainers gather again for the task “what is meaning”. Than the leader told that you have to search any one thing in this area and then tell about its what is important for your life, how can you express its gratitude than each experiences was very enthusiastic than after this task in the IIIrd task “what is contribution”, again trainers gather to how can they over contribution for self & social development life. After that each trainers told about over contribution that how can they give for social development work together.

Session IV :-   In the last session participants watched the motivational movies, then they gave to our reflection about theirs day to day life.

Session V :-  In the night, before sleeping participants done just sitting according to Buddhanusmruti Dhayan.


IInd Day :-

Session I :-  In the second day was started from Chikum & Meditation. They had done from 6:00am to 7:00am after the 1 hr. break session again started from Trisharan Panchasheel Gatha than Mr. Alok lead the important session about human bing nature, why human behavior like animal behavior, and what is the processes of making ideal human after this talk participant gave ours views which there live day to day life and how they facing theirs problem and how improve it.

Session II :- In this session participants had done our reflection and self-assessment than asked questions to Alok sir about last session topic. This interaction question-answering session done successfully.

Session III :- The last session done by participant’s feedback/reporting. Participants was satisfied after finished the training. Theirs feedback about this training was very important  for organization.