Activity :- A youth organisation by the youth, for the youth working from 11 years. In NNBY youth identities their inner potential and use it individual development also betterment of others. With loving kindness, togetherness, associate in the vision to create an democratic society. Ideal society is a practice of responsible peoples to maintain liberty, equality, fraternity in society. A society where everyone is busy for doing good things. To overcome their likeness, bad habit take help of each other. There is no big or small, rich or poor only equality is their aim.

Kumarjeev started with a game to open up the participants. Starting alphabet of name and suname also date of birth they hae to match with others and earn points with doing this activity. Participants really open up and a boy with zoo points become highest point getter some others also get 165, 160, 140, 115, 110.

We are born in India. It means born in cast. Many people live life by ignoring this fact. Some people don’t have enough courage to talk about it. Some others try everything to treat with caste. Caste is a big reality. Babasaheb lives caste in 1956 by conversion. If you are Buddhist there is no caste.

Babasaheb said about caste is system. They make sure the quantity of men’s and women’s in the group. Very unhuman things. This was not enough. So they bring religion with adding sacredness in it. Only those who are close to god those are purest. Brahmin, kshatriya, Vaishya, Shudra. This thought cae from Dharm shashtra they mentioned. Brahmin works for its maintenance. They make people ill by thought process of bharma. For creativity of caste there is a foundation of religion. They are trying to keep working on people’s mind this thought of caste.

We practices to control the mind in the morning. God is a imposed idea. You are just  toy. Nothing in your hands. This thought process works for destroy all the possibilities, abilities of mind. Those who doesn’t know that they can control their mind are slaves.

If we how the technique can find the way. Caste system is a economic system. They try to abuse us by you can achieve tig with the support of reservation not by your abilities. You don’t have the potential they always mentions. High qualifying exams lide NEET, Medical there is management quota. Only those who have lacks of rupees can lake admission no need of merits. This system is of going by behind doors. In these exams 400-450 marks need to qualify if you have lots of money 200 is enough.

We need to become aware also make others aware. We know that supreme court judge, high ranker jobs, businesses are of upper caste peoples. Casts system nothing but a hypocrisy. Religious system is more sophisticated the economic system. It is difficult to find a home in Pune if you are from SC, ST or Buddhist. OBC from there realise that they are more pure than SC people. Babasaheb said “ Caste is a notion of mind. Caste is not away. We need to exclude from peoples mind. Then it will get destroy. If somebody treats with caste don’t confirm it. If we not recognise our selfless we does not become less.


1)   I am educated graduate nothing.

Trainer :– Asit Dahate

Purpose :- Education is not for earning certificates it for making life meaningful

Interactive session

·         Their experience of education till now

·         Is their a need of education really?

·         If there is a need so why? and not then why ?

·         What is a aim of your education?

·         If you have found your vision then what is the outcome of that?

Activity :- How they are finding them selves till 2023 what they will doing in 2023? In 15 June, 2028? In 15 June, 2033?

1)  What was the need of that activity?

·         To see their outcome

·         Education is for being good human

·         You will reach their definitely if you are going through Buddhist practices.

KAP :- Knowledge / Attitude / Practice.

Knowledge education should be a full of wisdom.

Homework Task :- when you will die what lie you are expecting from society about you.


2)  Obstacles of your Goal’

Trainer :- Amit Meshram

Purpose :- To make aware the participants physically & mentally.

Exercise, Daily routine schedule, meditation, Dies, what type of diet they have no? how will they can care of their body? What type of life style they have now? After 40th age human body gets many decease because we are not careful about our body. So firstly you have to set your goal. When there is exam you get ill, seek, energy is not going consistently, that why you are unable to use it.

·         Sources of flow energy of your body Dance, Yoga, Meditation, Games If you are practising these activities daily your presence of mind increases.

·         Their should be a pattern of study, time schedule, fix.

·         Babasaheb said :- Achieve the key posts.


3) Reconstruct the Past in Future.

Trainer :- Mishti Deshbhratar

Purpose :- Being positive, live in present, work for betterment of yourself.

·         Concentration :- Be focus on your goal, things that are necessary to reach the goal.

·         Importance of time :- Time will never come again so respect it.

·         Opportunity :- If their is opportunity grab it. Don’t wait for it create it.

·         Confidence :- This is a thing that making you keep going.

·         Fear :- False evidence that appears real.

·         Education :- Give training for your mind.

·         Success :- Enjoy the test of success.

Activity – Opportunity

·         Make your weak point in strong point. Improve mistakes, don’t repeat it.


Topic :- Discrimination  in  Education

Lead By :- Sayuri Moon

Objective :- To make aware everybody about the education system in India & How students from backward castes get discriminate.

·         Hinduism told people ate not equal they are divided in the caste.

·         Reservation is comes for equality in society.

·         Higher class students annoys backward’s by telling them they don’t have the ability enough potential to pass out exams only on the base of reservation they achieve this.

·         In higher institutions backward students excluded by giving them zero marks.

·         Higher class students & teaching staff ill-treated SC students by their cast tell them you are deserve to study here in front of our & with us this is not for you.

·         SC students suffers in shock & finally attempt suicide or pressurised to get suicide.

·         You can take legal action for this there is a provision in constitution make FIR against them. No god will come to save you, you have to protest.

·         OBC’ squires near a half population of India but they are not leading in jobs, social structure basis of their quality. Upper castes people incites them against SC/ST’s.

·         We have improve our performances by taking higher education to lift our brothers sisters.

·         Only s solution is take education, collective fight. No one will doubt if we get educated because we earn knowledge.

Documentry :– Brilliant students, scholars get suicide or murders.

Student :- 1) Bal Mukund Bharti

He qualifies aims he was in top 10 in IIT JEE. His professions said you are charm you doesn’t deserve here. You never will be ged pure. You will harm other students he took 6 yrs to complete his degree. He wanted to move other country. Upper class students & teaching staff abused him. He get frustrated and attempt suicide. Here frain from this incident. But he tried again and this time get died. Upper caste people told his parents that don’t complain against them they all give lot of money asset for them.

Another student of science of that institution gets only a kit of science while others had 2 & 3 kits. If his kit get damaged no new kit provided for him.

Make him passed in exams on boundaries, of marks stops his scholarships other student copied her and gets more marks than him. Them a call comes about attempt a suicide.

Rohit Vemula also one of the examples of that.