The fundraising workshop has been organised by the Karuna for the project partner in India. Around 38 participants were there from 16 different organisations from 2-3rd Feb 2017.

The major things dealt in the workshop are as follows:-

  • Introduction of the respective organizations.
  • Funding report and targeted budget of the organisation. How much has been raised and achieved, source of the income and targeted audience of the project (% of the budget).
  • Breakthrough of the project (individual participants express their experience of the project). Each of them took around 15 min to express themselves.
  • Importance of case studies, success story is very important from project point of view, budget monitoring, every 15 day follow-up of the project budget and going according to our pbf, receipt and voucher, in coordination with accountant.
  • Follow-up with donors, update of website, sending greeting cards & e-greetings , make a call and


  • Persistence
  • Show them , don’t tell them
  • Proper presentation
  • Factual display
  • Positive mental attitude
  • Best donors already have to do follow-up
  • Emergency is the need
  • Cash flow
  • Engaging donors, as contributing other than money
  • Diagram of circle i.e. how to get outer person in the circle of our problem.



Dh. Karunadeepa:-

  • Establishing government agencies.
  • Develop projects which suits according to companies CSR activities.
  • Regularly check the proposal dates on their websites.
  • Discuss with the organisations trust body about the CSR or any other funding agencies before approaching to them
  • Audit properly and regularly of the budget of organisation
  • Funding agencies like; Tech Mahindra foundation, Nirman, Karuna Germany, smile foundation Delhi, Pratham Infotech, TCS.
  • International agencies like; Bodhi Trust, Global living, Future Dhamma work, crowd funding etc.

Dh. Sanghanath:-

  • Door to door(D-t-D) campaign is the best strategies;
  • Why; Importance of spiritual practice and Strategies.
  • In the D-t-D concept – Trust development, face to face interaction
  • In the spiritual Practice – challenge, how to behave man to man is real dhamma, how to develop metta bhavna, Ego clinging.
  • Do something for others is spiritual practice
  • Fundraising is more than fundraising.
  • Every human being has potential to connect others.
  • In Method/strategies :- how to sensitise about self and others regarding the issues
  • Just to do it and two step fundraising
  • Collect the location, define the target group or areas and do necessary survey
  • For eg six week fundraising campaign through the concept of community development (Explain the importance of community fundraising concept, i.e. also to develop the spiritual aspects.
    • IN THE SIX WEEK, one week or two week first decides what to do and what not to do.
    • Engagement in the program
    • Every two week trainin programme what to say and what not to say
    • Be natural, authentic, no script, role play, feedback session.
    • Community development program growing our spiritual practice
    • Importance of GRATITUDE.
  • Define why you came for fundraising, what stops you for fundraising activities etc
  • D-t-D the strategies would be like for regular monthly donation or banking services of ECS.

Dh. Tejdhamma:-

  • Engagement with the donors
  • Maintain website , social media etc
  • Should have consistence with the donors ie. Regular follow-up.
  • How to approach- there must be some reason.

Things for Well Wishers:-

  • Timely send the report on time
  • Success story or progress report according to the CSR/Donors expectation.
  • Show the activities in regular forms
  • Invite donors in our major programming’s
  • Write success story or case studies and inform to donors in regular basis.
  • Do some innovative programming to attract the funding agencies which is neutral and never done before; for eg Climate change etc.

Imp of success Story:-

  • Contrast (light & Dark)
  • Bring in your own feelings
  • Collision of two ideas (poverty vs. Cambridge) to get attention.
  • Senses
  • Threshold movement
  • Gleaming details
  • Everybody wants to contribute in other way, tap the outer world opportunities.
  • Do collect t different stories of the project; say for e.g. collect 5 stories in months.

Ask boldly while asking donors of big amount.


  • Letter, email, sponsorship etc
  • Alumni function
  • Pledge option in letter while in get to gather program.







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